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Host Frequently Asked Questions


How many followers do I need to run a trip?

There is no minimum number of social media followers required. We want to work with anyone that is passionate about travel and good with people.

Do I have to have previously visited a destination to take a trip somewhere?

Absolutely not. You can select a new destination to visit or return to somewhere you know and love.

Are all costs covered?

The costs covered for the Host are exactly the same as those of the travellers. This will typically (but not always) be accommodation, some meals, transport and experiences.

Do you provide Public Liability insurance for me as a host?

We do. You never know when the unexpected might occur and our Public Liability Insurance is designed to provide our Hosts with peace of mind. With that said, we strongly encourage you to review our policy (available upon request) to ensure it provides protection to your level of satisfaction. We also recommend taking out your own personal travel insurance for yourself and it is required that all guests have travel insurance.

Can I co-host with a friend/colleague?

Working with another Host is a great idea to help bring along more travellers as well as delivering a more personal experience for each of your guests.

What support does Best In Travel provide?

The Best In Travel team are here for you before, during and after a trip to help ensure everything runs smoothly. We’ll help with the planning & administration, we’ll create a dedicated micro-site for your trip that provides all the relevant details and where they can book their place. We will also help to market your trip through best practice suggestions and across our social media channels where we have almost 2 million fans.

How many trips can I run?

As many as you like. Whether you want to run one trip a year or 1-2 a month, we here to help you scale your own travel business and have fun doing it.

Can I run trips back-to-back?

This is a great idea for Hosts who have high demand for a trip. If you have enough demand for a trip then why not schedule another one immediately afterwards to maximise the return on your time.

Will I need my own travel insurance?

Yes, you are required to take out your own personal travel insurance in case of accident, injury, travel cancellations, etc.

How long should the trips be?

As long or short as you like. Typically our trips range from 6-12 days, but it’s completely flexible.

What niche/styles of trip can we offer?

Just about anything you can think of. Some of our most popular trips are based around photography, wellness, golf and food, however we’ll be launching trips across just about any niche and interest group that you can think of.

Which destinations can we run trips?

We will be happy to partner with Hosts in any destination where it’s safe to do so.

Still got questions?