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Melis Fontana

Hey there, I’m Melis, the face behind @melisfontana on Instagram, where my feed is all about sharing my love for travel and living abroad. Istanbul is my hometown, but my adventure took me to Switzerland for seven years before I found myself in the charming landscapes of North Italy, where I’ve been soaking up the culture for the past year.

My life revolves around exploration – I’ve visited 45+ countries, and each journey is a chance to dive into different cultures, taste new foods, and connect with amazing people. Cooking is a big part of my travel experience because it’s a gateway to understanding a place’s soul. Beyond the stunning views, it’s the connections I make and the shared moments that fuel my passion.

So, why not join me on my escapades? Let’s explore the world together! My Instagram is not just a travel diary; it’s an open invitation to a community of fellow wanderers who, like me, find joy in discovering the world and sharing those adventures with others. Let’s make memories, try new dishes, and celebrate the beauty of diverse landscapes and cultures. Can’t wait to have you along for the ride!

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