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Betsy Hughes

Hi there – I’m Betsy, your spirited co-explorer on a journey of excitement and self-discovery. From winning a life-changing trip to Bali at 14 to exploring 20 countries with a camera in hand, I’m a storyteller, yogi, and lover of vibrant moments. I’ve called the deserts of Arizona, the canyons of Utah, and the tropical paradise of Hawaii home, and I love to weave the essence of each landscape into my tales.

My journey took me deep into the Himalayas, where for 4 transformative months, I shared the gift of language with little hearts, teaching English to eager children. With a passion for yoga, scuba diving, and savoring diverse cuisines, I craft retreats that blend the thrill of exploration with the serenity of self-discovery.

Join me on a journey where beaches and markets become backdrops for unforgettable memories. My trips are more than vacations; they’re personal expeditions curated for those who crave unique experiences. Whether you’re seeking tranquility, adventure, or new friendships, I invite you to pack your curiosity and let me be your fellow explorer in a world where every moment is an opportunity to live fully.

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