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About us

Welcome to Best In Travel, a passionate community of almost 2 million travellers. We’re on a mission to create deeper travel experiences and lifelong memories & friendships through small group adventures for like-minded travellers.

Best In Travel was founded in 2014 and for several years our team worked with tourism boards and hotel chains on advertising campaigns, creating content and sharing it across our social media channels. However, we came to realise that what we were truly passionate about as a brand was our community and creating experiences that people would remember forever.

Initially, we launched trips hosted by content creators, so that they could travel with their own communities and bring them along for the adventure. Our Creator trips have spanned across various niches including photography, food tours, yoga, fitness & wellness, golf and much more. With more and more creators joining us as hosts everyday, we are excited to continue to expand our range of trips to new destinations and across new interest groups.

Since launching our creator trips, we have been receiving enormous demand from our community to run more group trips, which is why we’ve launched our Signature series. Travelling with Best In Travel is different, we’re not your average tour company. On a Best In Travel Signature trip you can expect to get off the beaten track and experience things not available to the everyday traveller. We like to eat with locals, be it with a street vendor or even in the home of a local family trying their homemade cuisine. We prefer to watch the sunrise, rather than sleep in. We seek adventure, rather than the crowded tourist traps. We stay in comfortable hotels rather than dirty hostels, because whilst we love adventure by day, we want comfort at night. Best In Travel trips are for travellers, not tourists.

Put simply, we offer epic itineraries for small groups of like-minded travellers from around the world.

A Trip for You

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the things you did do.”
– Mark Twain

Deeper travel experiences


Expert hosts

Trips hosted by your favourite topic experts.


Travel with like-minded people

Connect with people who share your interests.


Photo-worthy itinerary

Visit and experience the worldโ€™s most beautiful places.


Purposeful, sustainable travel

We’re committed to giving back to local communities.