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Sean Ingram

Hello! I’m Sean Ingram, the travel photographer and content creator behind the Instagram account @seanonfilm. Residing in the beautiful landscapes of Bali, my journey in photography has led me to some of the most stunning corners of the world. I specialize in collaborating with a variety of brands and hotels, crafting visually engaging content that captures the essence of each destination.

My experiences have been significantly enriched by participating in creator trips. These journeys, irrespective of the location, have always been among my most memorable and rewarding experiences. The collaboration aspect of these trips is particularly close to my heart, as it brings together diverse talents and visions, creating a melting pot of creativity and inspiration.

Beyond my professional endeavors, I am deeply passionate about teaching the art of travel content creation. My aim is to share the knowledge and skills I’ve accumulated over the years with those eager to explore this dynamic field. My work is also heavily influenced by my love for the ocean. As an underwater photographer, I delve into capturing the serene and often unseen beauty of the aquatic world.

With a diverse background, passion for collaboration, and commitment to storytelling, I’m continually looking for new ways to explore and capture the world, hoping to inspire and be inspired in this journey of creative discovery.

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