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Host Tips: Preparing to Host the Perfect Group Trip

Written by Rob Embury - Best In Travel

We already know you are going to be a fantastic trip host, and that your trip is going to be amazing. That’s why you’re here! But to make everything just that EXTRA bit amazing, here are some tips on how to prepare for your trip – because hosting the perfect group trip starts well before your guests arrive.

As the host, you are the linchpin of a Best In Travel trip. While for the majority of trips you’ll have a local guide helping you out with various phases, you are the main reason the guests are there to begin with. You are the one who brings everything together to make it unforgettable.

Let’s take a look at some of the things you can do BEFORE your trip to not only help out your guests and make their experience seamless, but also to take a little bit of pressure off yourself and make sure that you’re ready to kick things off on the right foot.

1. CONNECT With Your Guests

Forge a connection with your guests before the trip starts through personal chat interactions. This early bonding helps everyone feel comfortable and sets a positive tone for the journey. While a trip is still pending (hasn’t reached minimum guest numbers yet), having that direct contact with guests that have already booked allows you to keep them updated.

Utilise group chat platforms to create a communication space for your guests. Lead and engage in conversations, exchange travel tips, and create a safe environment that fosters excitement for the upcoming trip. Make sure guests feel comfortable to reach out to you with any questions. We’ve found that maintaining great comms with your guests also helps to avoid cancellations.

TIP: Start by reaching out personally, and then once your trip is confirmed, start a group chat on Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Slack etc with all guests. Organise a video chat session to put faces to names, enhancing a sense of community. Be PROACTIVE – don’t wait for guests to contact you.

2. PREPARE With Your Guests

The best way to help your guests to prepare for your trip is to prepare together WITH them. Guests might not realise some things need to be organised, or forget important dates, or might just be super busy.

Providing friendly reminders about crucial deadlines such as passport/visa applications, flight booking windows, payment dates etc keeps both you and your guests on track, and keeps the communication lines open. Consistent communication reinforces your role as a reliable leader – plus, these reminders also remind guests that your awesome trip is getting closer!

TIP: Create a preparation timeline that includes key dates, and send it to your guests. When you have completed something on your timeline, share it with them. You can even create calendar notes that will automatically be in guests’ calendars. Why not make them a packing list based on what you will be packing?


Don’t forget, this trip is about YOU as a host. You are the one that has made it happen. So, the more personal you can make things with your guests the better. Your personal touch contributes to turning the trip into a truly memorable experience. Go above and beyond!

Make a point of knowing what your guests’ plans are around the trip as well – ie, when they are arriving and leaving the trip destination.

TIP: If you have been to the location of your trip before, you can share your past personal experiences with guests to get them excited. For example “one place I can’t wait to visit with you on this trip is XXXX – here are some pics from the last time I was there”.

4. Prepare to be a HOST

Being a host is a fun responsibility, but it’s still a responsibility. As a host, you have the task of ensuring the trip runs smoothly, building a reputation as an attentive leader, and cultivating a demand for future trips.

This role starts BEFORE the trip – as outlined above – but it’s also important to prepare your mindset to be a leader DURING the trip. Think about the way you want the trip to go, gather resources that will allow you to make sure everything runs exactly as you want it to, and also think about having a Plan B in case certain things can’t happen as planned.

TIP: Make yourself a run-sheet for the trip – include activities, contacts, locations, timings, and alternative ideas including things for guests to do during downtime if they want to. Plan to arrive early for everything – including for the start of the trip!

Remember, preparation, proactive communication and thoughtful gestures lead to groups that are bonded from the beginning, creating enthusiasm not only for travel but specifically for traveling with you.

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