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Host Tips: How to Host the Best Group Trip

Written by Rob Embury - Best In Travel

You’ve dreamed it, you’ve planned it, it’s confirmed, and it’s happening. The preparation is done, and now it’s time for you to host the perfect group trip!

While plenty of the groundwork for your trip happens pre-travel, there’s still a lot that you can do on-site to elevate your group trip from a 3 star experience to a 6 star experience. Yes, we know – our reviews only allow for 5 stars. Consider that 6th star to be the reason your guests will be the first to book on to your next trip the moment you announce it.

For many, having the responsibility of hosting a trip can be daunting – even if you’ve hosted a trip before. Here are some tips to help you to ease into your role as group trip host, and to make sure both you and your guests have an amazing time together. You’ve got this!

1. Bring the Vibes

The majority of your guests are coming on this trip because of YOU. They’re looking forward to meeting you, and to experiencing all of the amazing things with you. You will set the tone and the vibe for the trip right from the start, and the group will follow your lead.

At some point during the trip, something might go wrong – after all, it’s travel. The manner in which you handle these situations will have a huge impact on how much or little they affect the overall vibe of the trip. So, mentally prepare for having to solve an issue with a smile, or to turn a pivot on the original plans into something fun and positive.

TIP: Organise a group meeting for when everybody has arrived at the meeting point (often this is included in the itinerary). Introduce yourself and tell everybody why it’s going to be such an amazing trip. Bring your energy, and encourage guests to introduce themselves to each other to foster a positive group vibe. Make sure guests feel comfortable in coming to you with any questions/issues/feedback.

2. Stick to the Plan

Your trip will have a schedule, which may include activities facilitated by local guides, external activity providers, or by you. Helping the group stay on schedule with gentle reminders benefits you as a host by preventing things from feeling chaotic and rushed. It also obviously makes life easier for your guides/facilitators, and helps to enhance the group’s overall experience.

It can be a bit of a whirlwind sometimes – especially when you are doing something that everybody is really loving and you are all in the moment. But keeping the group on track with time is important, and ensures guests get the trip they paid for.

TIP: Use the initial group meeting to run through the schedule and let the group know that they need to be punctual for organised activities. Make use of the group chats that you have set up before the trip to send out reminders for upcoming events/activities, and to confirm meeting points/instructions etc.

3. Prepare to Adapt

While we would like to think every trip will go off without a hitch, life just isn’t that way. As a host, you will likely be faced with situations where you need to adapt and change the script to suit either situations or individuals.

When this happens, you play a crucial role in turning potential chaos into order, and your response to unexpected challenges sets the tone for the group. Remain positive, and look for a solution that is going to have minimal impact on the group as a whole. When you have a local guide present, they are the best person to go to for solving issues, and of course we are always here to help when needed.

TIP: Being prepared for possible issues before the trip begins is key. Have a think about what things have the potential to be affected by external factors, like weather, and plan for a few ways that you might be able to pivot to do something different that guests will still enjoy.

4. Be Yourself, Look After Yourself and Have Fun!

Really, this is THE most important point. In the midst of managing schedules and personalities, don’t forget the most important priority – yourself. You are the core of this travel experience, and without your well-being, there’s no trip.

It’s really easy to burn out focusing on the needs of everybody else. Grant yourself permission to take alone time or prioritize rest and recharging when needed, and as long as it works with when the group has free time, so that you can bring your best self to group activities and meals.

TIP: Use your free time. Group bonding is important, but so are you. Listen to your mind and body, and take some time out to relax. Without you, this trip doesn’t happen!

5. Create Content & Promote the Trip

Another important one! Creating content and growing your brand is a key part of the trip, and a key part of your ongoing success as a host. If you are keen to host more trips in future – to either the same location or a different one – showing your audience what an amazing time everybody is having will play a huge role in attracting future guests.
Give yourself the time to create content – whether that is with the group or yourself during down time. Make sure you promote the trip on social media as much as possible – people LOVE seeing what is happening on trips. And don’t forget to tag us – we will share it on our channels.

TIP: Involving the group in your content creation is a great idea. Show people that aren’t there what they are missing, and show them scenes that they can picture themselves in when they book on your next trip.

6. Encourage Feedback

Feedback is SO crucial, both during and after a trip. During that very first in-person meeting with your guests, make yourself open to feedback at any time. You don’t want people being unhappy about something and afraid to let you know. As the trip is winding down, encourage guests to jump on your trip page and leave a review (it’s down the bottom of the page).

TIP: Don’t take negative feedback or suggestions personally – just see it as constructive and an opportunity. That feedback in the moment could improve the trip for everybody, including you – or improve future trips that you host.