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Harish Kumar

Hello! I’m Harish, I’m a filmmaker and photographer from the stunning Pacific Northwest of the U.S. More importantly, I”m a storyteller. I tell the stories of the trees, the lakes and mountains around me through my moody edits as only I can. I truly believe that beauty rises from the darkness and what better place to explore that than the PNW!
From the start, I knew that photography would be a huge part of my life, but little did I know that teaching others to create would be a passion as well.
I pride myself in shooting and editing the majority of my content on my iPhone. Never did I think picking up a camera in 2016 would end up growing my audience to heights I never thought possible! Now I’m chasing new experiences, exploring unique ways to create and growing my #moodyfamily more and more every day!
I’m excited to host this group trip and show you all the true beauty that this area has to offer through my lens!

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