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Sarah B

Hey bestie! It’s me, Sarah 🐋 We’re leveling up our nature adventures and trading our tents for budget-friendly stays around the world. 🌎

If you’re new here, people call me SB. I’m a full-time streamer and outdoorsy content creator. When I’m not online, you can find me outside hosting group hikes and camp trips. ➡️ After my mom passed, I realized I needed to live life on my own terms. So, I quit my tech job, dove into freelancing, and started hunting for the best hiking spots. Out on the trails, I found so much beauty, but I quickly realized the real beauty is being able to share these moments with other people -and I can’t wait to share it with you!

Our trips are all about good vibes for hikers at any level. If you’re new, don’t stress! We’ll make sure everyone has a blast and moves at their own pace. And hey, we’re guests in these beautiful places, so learning about local culture is a must. I love sharing what I learn about each spot with the group.

So, let’s explore, learn, and create epic memories together! 💘

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