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Hiking Italy

Oct 21, 2024 - Oct 31, 2024

Hiking Hiking

$3,795 USD

25% due at booking

Hiking Italy

Oct 21, 2024 - Oct 31, 2024

$3,795  USD

25% due at booking

Imagine yourself embarking on a breathtaking hiking adventure through the picturesque landscapes of Italy. Begin in Naples, where the journey commences with a stroll through the enchanting streets and a visit to historic sites. Head to Sorrento for coastal hikes, exploring the vibrant markets, and savoring local delicacies. Ferry to Capri to trek and discover the island’s natural wonders. Traverse the renowned Path of the Gods, offering panoramic views of the Amalfi Coast. Conclude your expedition in Amalfi, soaking in its rich history. Finally, bask in the eternal charm of Rome, completing this unforgettable hiking odyssey through Italy’s stunning terrains.

11 days, 10 nights

11-19 people

3 star hotels

Breakfast daily, lunch x1, dinner x4

October 21st, 2024

October 31st, 2024


Accommodation - 3 star (twin share rooms, single available at checkout)

Transportation via private mini-bus

English speaking guide

Meals - Breakfast daily, lunch x1, dinner x4

Airport transfer day 1 (group basis)

Mt Vesuvius guided hike

Pompeii Archaeological Park - 2hr guided tour

Capri hike from Anacapri to Punta Carena with a professional guide

Loop path hiking from Termini via Punta Campanella

Amalfi Coast guided tour with local guide (including entrance to Villa Cimbrone in Ravello)

The Path of the Gods – hiking path with a private expert guide and tasting at Shepherd’s Hut

Agerola – Santa Maria dei Monti loop path – hiking experience with professional guide

Reggia di Caserta

And much more!


Travel insurance (required)

International flights

Meals not mentioned

Taxi (where required)

Public transport from Punta Carena to Capri pier

Your host

Walter De Marco

I am a teacher and outdoor enthusiast living in Canada, and have been an organizer of hiking and sightseeing tours for five years. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, I continued to research adventure trips here in North America, as well as in Italy, and expand my knowledge of the travel industry. I also had the opportunity to collaborate with local and international tour operators as an independent travel advisor.

I am proud to have recently joined Best In Travel as a trip host, which will help me realize my longtime dream of sharing my travel experience and cultural background with fellow travellers from all over the world and all walks of life.

Born in Canada and raised in Italy, I discovered my love of the outdoors as a child, when I joined a chapter of the boy scouts in this lovely country. I spent many summers hiking and camping with fellow scouts in the mountains of Abruzzo, a region in central Italy which attracts outdoor adventurers from all over Europe. After returning to Canada, I spent two decades travelling across North America, Europe and parts of China, and also began planning tours for family and friends. Finally, I realized that this was just what I wanted to do for a living.

Since 2014, I have also been the organizer of Adventure Network and other groups for outdoor and travel enthusiasts on Being involved with such a large community of adventurers has been an invaluable learning experience and inspired me to explore new places and seek more daring adventures. If you are curious about the trips and local activities I have organized so far, check out Hiking Network on Facebook or Instagram.

I look forward to meeting you on one of my adventure trips and helping you experience magical places, thus making fond memories that you will always treasure. As a native speaker of Italian with an extensive knowledge of the local culture and lifestyle, I will make sure that your trip to Italy feels like you are exploring the Bel Paese with a local!


Day 1. Welcome to Naples, Italy

Your trip host – Walter – will welcome you at the Fiumicino Airport in Rome, Arrivals area, introduce you to the rest of the group and provide you with some travel material. Enjoy a group transfer to your hotel in Naples by private minibus. Please, book a flight that arrives in Rome no later than 12:30pm on October 21st, to ensure that you are on time for your private transfer.

According to your arrival time, you can  start to explore Naples using the suggestions shown in our integrated itinerary that offers you some of the main iconic districts and neighbourhoods of this wonderful city, rich in history, art, and culture. At the end of your first day, dinner at the hotel.

Day 2. Mount Vesuvius and guided hike along the volanco’s Crater

Hiking to the top of Mount Vesuvius is an iconic experience, Mount Vesuvius towers over the Gulf of Naples, a looming presence visible for miles that has silently existed alongside its Neapolitan neighbors for the best part of 4,000 years. Staring down into the vast caldera of Mount Vesuvius, it is difficult to imagine the lives cut short and family lines permanently altered by its violent eruption of old. Indeed, were it not for the wisps of hot steam escaping form fumaroles beyond the barrier, one could easily believe that this was a volcano dead rather than sleeping. For those living at her base in 79 AD – and during the 700 years of dormancy before it – we imagine there must have been a similar sense of ease; a risk that was barley a risk in order to have a pleasant and prosperous life in the Roman towns, cities and settlements of Herculaneum, Pompeii, Oplontis and Stabiae.

Enjoy your hike along the volcano with an expert guide. Learn about the geological history of the volcano, freest your eyes on stunning views of the Bay of Naples and watch for local wildlife including deer, eagles, and foxes.

DETAILS FOR the hike up to Mount Vesuvius – The Gran Cono Trail:
Duration: about 1 hour 30 min.
Distance: about 4 km
Difficulty: easy

Afternoon at your leisure:
You can explore Naples using the suggestions shown in our integrated itinerary that offers you some of the main iconic districts and neighbourhoods of this wonderful city, rich in history, art and culture.

Day 3. Naples - Sorrento

According to your schedule, you reach by private minibus the hotel in Sorrento. On the way you stop in Pompeii Archaeological Park for 2 hours and enjoy a guided private tour with a local guide. You reach the hotel in Sorrento and after checking you can start to explore Sorrento using the suggestions shown in our integrated itinerary.

Stop on the way to Sorrento: Pompeii Archaeological Park – 2 hours private group tour with a professional guide. Experience a guided tour of the most important roman sites in Italy, in a private group. Explore Pompeii with a professional archaeologist guide. A pleasant walk around the ancient Roman cities of Pompeii buried by the ashes of the volcano Vesuvius in 79 A.D. During the infamous eruption, Pompeii and its inhabitants were buried by tons of pumice and volcanic ash, which preserved many things and materials in amazing conditions. Discover Pompeii’s notable landmarks, such as the marina Gate, the Basilica, the Forum, ancient baths, and the Lupanar (brothel). Be awestruck by the bakery, the celebrated House of the Faun, the Termopolium, the main streets, the poignant Plaster Casts of victims, and the historic Theatres.

Day 4. SORRENTO: Discover Capri Island - Hike from Anacapri to Punta Carena

Today, you will reach Sorrento Port by minibus, where a ferry will transport you to Capri Island.

Upon arriving at Marina Grande port via ferry, you have the option to take a bus to Anacapri or ascend to Capri via the funicular. From Capri, you can reach Anacapri either by a public bus (every 15 minutes) or by walking (approximately 1.8 km). From there, you can explore on foot, take a taxi, or opt for a bus to reach the Blue Grotto.

Details for the Forest Hiking Path:
The Via dei Fortini is a trail that traverses the western coast of Capri, passing through four forts (Fortini). It showcases the picturesque coastline, cliffs, promontories, and small coves, connecting the Blue Grotto (Grotta Azzurra) to the Punta Carena lighthouse. The hike takes about 3 hours and is marked by red paint.

The forts, constructed between the ninth and fifteenth centuries to guard against pirate attacks, offer historical significance. Starting from the Blue Grotto, the path passes beneath the Imperial Villa of Damecuta and Punta dell’Arcera before reaching the Fort of Orrico on Punta del Miglio. Notably, a French landing occurred here on October 4, 1808, surprising the English occupants of the island.

The semicircular Fort Orrico, with a diameter of 20 meters and walls 2 meters thick, housed two cannons. Moving forward, the path leads to the circular stone structure of Fortino di Mesola on the promontory Campietello, overseeing Cala del Rio. Mesola fort, the most significant among the forts, had two cannons. The trail continues through the wildest section, reaching the entrance of Cala di Mezzo and the fortino di Pino, overlooking Cala di Tombosiello.

The path proceeds through the fortino del canone, followed by a steep climb to Punta Carena, dominated by the lighthouse. Here, you can witness a breathtaking sunset illuminating the coastline in shades of purple and red.

Buses to Anacapri depart approximately every 20 minutes. To continue to Capri town, alight at the last stop in Anacapri and await the bus to Capri or Marina Grande at the adjacent stop.

Departure Point: Blue Grotto
Arrival Point: Punta Carena
Distance: Approximately 5 km
Duration: About 3 hours
Difficulty: Easy

Day 5. Sorrento - Agerola

According to your itinerary, you will be transported to your hotel in Agerola by private minibus. On the way, a stop is scheduled in Termini for a hiking excursion with an expert guide. After completing the hike, the private minibus will take you back to the Agerola hotel. Once you’ve checked in, you can begin exploring the area, following the suggestions provided in our integrated itinerary.

The hiking trail from Termini to Punta Campanella is a loop path, and it includes lunch along with guidance from an expert. Today’s trekking adventure explores the final stretch of land on the Sorrento Peninsula, offering panoramic views of the Island of Capri and its iconic stacks within the “Marine Protected Area of Punta Campanella.”

The trek commences in the village of Termini, with the initial part being a downhill descent along the ancient Via Minerva. This Greek-Roman mule track, dating back to the fourth century BC and partially paved with Roman stones, leads directly to the Punta Campanella lighthouse. The lighthouse, along with its grey tuff tower, occupies a site believed to have housed an ancient temple dedicated to Athena/Minerva, established by the Greeks and later inherited by the Romans.

Following the descent, the trail ascends towards Mount San Costanzo, reaching an elevation of 486 meters above sea level. At this point, a lunch break is scheduled in the shade of the San Costanzo chapel, a small church atop the mountain. From the summit of San Costanzo, you’ll enjoy a 360-degree view spanning Massa Lubrense, the Gulf of Naples, the Gulf of Salerno, with the prominent presence of Vesuvius, and the islands of Capri, Ischia, and Procida.

For the return journey, a more straightforward path leads you back to the starting point within an hour.

Details for Termini via Punta Campanella Hiking:
– Departure and Arrival Point: Termini
– Duration: Approximately 5 hours
– Distance: About 8 km
– Difficulty: Medium

Day 6. AGEROLA: Amalfi Coast guided tour

The Amalfi Coast graces the Tyrrhenian coast of southern Italy, just south of Naples. Renowned for its natural splendor, the region is characterized by terraced landscapes supporting vineyards and orchards, and adorned with towns boasting significant architectural and artistic value, including Amalfi and Ravello. Recognized as a “Cultural Landscape” by UNESCO, the Amalfi Coast has attained “World Heritage” status.

Among its jewels, Positano stands out, celebrated for its narrow streets and steep stairways cascading towards the beach. Lined with boutiques showcasing the iconic Positano beachwear, the town is a kaleidoscope of flowers, colors, cafes, and opulent hotels. Similar to Capri, Positano has become a magnet for VIPs in recent years, while also captivating hikers due to the numerous nature trails originating from this picturesque town. These trails, commencing at sea level and ascending to the mountains, offer breathtaking views overlooking the sea. Notably, the Path of the Gods, originating in Positano and reaching Agerola on the Sorrento Peninsula, is one of the most renowned.

Amalfi, the most significant town along the coast, boasts a rich mercantile history. Once counted among the four maritime republics alongside Pisa, Genoa, and Venice, its glorious past is embodied by the magnificent Cathedral dedicated to Sant’Andrea. A short distance from Amalfi, in Conca dei Marini, lies the Emerald Grotto, a karst cave adorned with peculiar stalactite and stalagmite formations. Sunlight refracts through the water, painting it in mesmerizing emerald hues, creating an enchanting atmosphere.

Ravello’s Villa Cimbrone, often referred to as the Terrace of Infinity, is a refined balcony adorned with eighteenth-century marble busts. Offering a panoramic view of the coast against the backdrop of the blue sky and sea interrupted only by lemon groves, the villa serves as an exclusive five-star hotel, while its gardens are open to the public. Visitors can immerse themselves in the fragrance of wisteria, stroll along paths lined with statues and small temples, linger in the Rose Garden, and enjoy a leisurely break in the Tea Room, featuring a Moorish-style gazebo embellished with Roman columns and sculptures. Villa Cimbrone also holds historical significance, as it served as a refuge for Greta Garbo in 1938 during her brief love affair with conductor Leopold Stokowski. A plaque commemorating the starlet’s stay adds a touch of nostalgia to this captivating location.

Day 7. AGEROLA: The Path of the Gods – hiking path with a private expert guide and tasting at Shepherd’s Hut

Starting this year, the Amalfi Coast trekking experience introduces an exciting extra activity known as the “Path of the Gods with lunch at the shepherd’s hut.” Embark on a journey along one of the most breathtaking paths in Italy, if not the world. Suspended between the sky and the azure waters of the coast, the trek offers panoramic views of the Gulf islands, the Capri Faraglioni, and the enchanting Positano from a lofty vantage point. Immerse yourself in the millennial history of these places, enriched with legends intertwined with the Greek world.

During the trek, a notable stop awaits at Antonio’s place, the abode of a local shepherd. Antonio graciously welcomes you to his aged farmhouse perched above the sea, offering a taste of his extraordinary locally-sourced produce, all meticulously cultivated by him. Indulge in his renowned cheeses, meats, vegetables, and various other delicacies, complemented by a fine glass of wine.

Explore Antonio’s charming sheepfold nestled in grottos and delve into the stories connected to his family’s legacy of breeding and farming. The day begins with a morning pickup and a one-hour drive to Bomerano. Here, you commence the “Path of the Gods” walking trail with a private guide, a roughly 3-hour journey culminating in Nocelle (the Hill of Positano). After pickup, enjoy free time in Positano before returning to the accommodation by bus.

Details for the Path of the Gods Hiking:
– Departure Point: Bomerano – Agerola
– Arrival Point: Nocelle
– Duration: Approximately 4 hours
– Distance: About 8 km
– Difficulty: Medium

Day 8. AGEROLA: Agerola – Santa Maria dei Monti loop path

Before commencing the excursion, you have the opportunity to approach the entrance of the old nineteenth-century tunnel, now closed, to observe the ancient construction techniques. Starting from the entrance of the tunnel for Gragnano (Gemini area, 700 m above sea level), descend the road until encountering stairs on the right leading uphill to Via Palombelle, transitioning from asphalt to a cart track (Cai 329d).

At the fork, take the CAI 300 path on the left, crossing the entire ridge to reach Punta Campanella. Passing over the 916 m long Palombella tunnel, continue along the ridge, passing near the ruins of the church of Sant’Angelo a Jugo (950 m), which also served as a lookout to relay any alarm signals launched from Pino Castle back towards the coast.

After approximately 1.5 km at the crossroads, take the CAI 332a path on the left, known as the Sentiero delle Sorgenti, offering views of Naples, the Sarno plain, and Vesuvius. The path, circumventing Monte Cervigliano (1203 m), leads to the San Giuliano spring (1007 m), Acqua Fredda spring (938 m), and finally, the Acqua del Vrecciaro spring (988 m), formed due to tectonic overlapping of limestones on impermeable rocks. The vegetation alternates between chestnut groves, alders, and mixed woods with hornbeam and beech. Grass clearings boast aquiline fern explosions and springtime blooms of colchicum and daffodils.

Subsequently, traverse Piano del Ceraso (CAI path 301) on a landscape shaped by erosion and karstification before the Lattari Mountains rose to their current heights. Reach the plateau of Santa Maria dei Monti, home to the Santa Maria dei Monti Refuge in the Monti Lattari regional park at over a thousand meters above sea level. Opposite the refuge lies Mount Campanaro, overlooking the Gulf of Salerno, with a small altar featuring the Madonna statue offering panoramic views of Scala, Ravello, and Maiori from above.

Resume the journey along the Cai 301 path, and after about 2 km from the refuge, you’ll reach the crossroads with the Sorgenti path. Follow the Cai 300 path on the left, leading to Imbarrata (about 1040 m). Continue along this path for approximately 1 km, and at the crossroads, take a left to intercept the CAI 367 path. This stretch showcases the main mule tracks in the area during the Maritime Republic centuries, highlighting their width and refinement as crucial connecting routes before modern railways.

Descend for the final 1.5 km leading to the endpoint.
– Distance: About 15 km
– Duration: Approximately 5 hours and 30 minutes
– Difficulty: Moderate

Day 9. Agerola

Tre Calli Circuit – Loop Path:
– Distance: Approximately 8 km
– Duration: About 5 hours
– Difficulty: Moderate

The Tre Calli path stands out as a favorite trek, captivating enthusiasts with the undeniable splendor of the landscape beneath their feet. Indeed, the entire Amalfi Coast unfolds before you, with Positano gracing the foreground and a shimmering sea accompanying you throughout the trek. The journey commences from the quaint square of Bomerano, a hamlet of Agerola.

The initial stretch involves a steady uphill ascent, alternating between road and stairs, leading to the entrance of the actual path. The first uphill section is somewhat demanding, but the effort is rewarded as you ascend to Monte Tre Calli at 1102 meters. Once at this elevation, the trek takes a leisurely course towards Capo Muro, offering a relaxing interlude for a break and a quick snack.

The path then descends through the Paipo chestnut groves, culminating in a return to the starting point in just under 2 hours. The entire experience promises a captivating journey through varied terrain, with panoramic views that showcase the Amalfi Coast’s natural beauty and the charming town of Positano set against the backdrop of the sparkling sea.

Day 10. Transfer to Rome with stop at the Reggia di Caserta

Today you will be transported to the hotel in Rome via private minibus. En route, a stop is scheduled at the Reggia di Caserta.

Upon reaching the hotel in Rome and completing the check-in process, you have the freedom to commence your exploration of the city using the recommendations provided in our integrated itinerary.

Stop on the Way: Reggia di Caserta (including skip-the-line entrance ticket, free time to visit the Palace and the Gardens)

Experience the breathtaking architectural complex of the Caserta Royal Palace and its regal gardens with a round-trip transfer from Naples. Visit the Royal Palace of Caserta, renowned for its grandeur and opulent late Italian Baroque architecture. As the largest royal residence globally and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it shares similarities with the Palace of Versailles and ranks among the most frequented monuments in southern Italy.

Delve into the lives and customs of ancient nobility with the assistance of an audio guide, exploring the palace’s impressive 1,200 rooms, a spacious royal theater, and over two dozen royal apartments. Following your palace exploration, take time to wander through the royal gardens adorned with cascading fountains and an array of vibrant flowers. A visit to the palace feels like a journey into another world, one steeped in regality, beauty, grandeur, and luxury. Utilize your free time to immerse yourself in the uniqueness of this Italian gem!

Day 11. Fond farewell

After breakfast in our hotel it’s time to check out as our journey comes to end. Say goodbye to new friends and make your way to the airport or continue your Italian adventure.

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