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Written by Best In Travel

Tulum is the ultimate beachside getaway. From Mayan ruins, to luxurious resorts, Tulum has so much to offer any type of traveller. Something that often strikes visitors to Tulum is the intense colour of the ocean. Tourists will often comment that they have never before seen a shade of blue, so clear or so vivid in their lives. And that is the magic of Tulum, its hypnotising views of the Caribbean.

The first stop on a Tulum itinerary is certainly the impressive Mayan ruins. Estimated to have been built around 1200, some of the most famous structures include the Temple of the Frescoes and the Temple of the Descending God. The architecture of the temples is unique and awe inspiring, given the primitive tools that would have been available when they were built. After time spent wandering Tulum’s ruins, you would be forgiven for wanting some relaxing time by the beach. Thankfully in Tulum there are countless beaches to choose from for you to enjoy the sun and salt. Not far from the El Castillo ruin is Tulum’s famous beach Playa Ruínas. The turquoise waters of the beach are simply mesmerising, and as you laze under the Mexican sun you’ll wish your holiday never had to come to an end.

Another thing, aside from picturesque beaches, Tulum is certainly not in short supply of is mouthwatering food. The best eateries in Tulum stay true to its Mayan roots, with spicy yet flavoursome traditional Mexican dishes. From Tacos to Tortillas, with delicious meat, seafood and vegetarian filings – you certainly won’t go hungry in Tulum because of a lack of scrumptious food options.

Tulum is quite simply the ideal beach getaway. The pace is slow, but the days will race by as you soak up the sun while the Caribbean laps at your feet.