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Sarah Strauss

Hello everyone!! My name is Sarah Strauss, I am a Fitness, nutrition and wellness coach, and my biggest passion in life is helping women fall in love with their fitness journey. To feel confident reaching their goals, sustaining their progress, and having fun along the way! One of my favorite parts of Online Coaching is being able to support incredible women on their fitness journey and I’m so excited to be able to do that in person again as well!

I started off as an in person trainer, and having an in person community is something that I greatly miss with online training! I’m very excited to have a life changing experience with all of you and Bali staying active, sweating it out in the sunshine, making lifelong memories, and having a blast in one of my favorite countries!

My biggest passion alongside fitness and wellness is travel and Bali is one of my favorite places that I have been to. I know there are so many women who are very excited to go to Bali as well, but maybe have been hesitant for solo travel, so this is a perfect opportunity to explore Indonesia, with all of the most incredible experiences and activities with a group of like-minded women!

Hope to see you alongside us in Bali!!

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