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Lake Como

Written by Best In Travel

Lake Como is quite simply magical and everyone from tourists, to Hollywood producers and even the Ancient Romans agree. The Lake has been renowned for its beauty from as long ago as the Roman era. Under the rule of Julius Caesar, the township of Como was founded. To this day Como remains the capital of the province surrounding the lake. Como is also the gateway to the Lake’s many idyllic townships. Some of the most popular towns surrounding the lake include Bellagio, Menaggio, Varenna and Tremezzo and each of the towns are home to some of the most stunning waterfront villas.

Bellagio is known for Villa Melzi d’Eril. Built in the early 1800s the Villa and its exquisite gardens are open to tourists from March to October each. Other villas that line Lake Como’s shores are easily recognised by movie buffs. Villa Balbianello was the setting for a pivotal romantic scene in Star Wars: Episode 2 – Attack of the Clones. In the film the Villa and its magnificent views of the lake are supposedly the backdrop of another planet and the producers of the film were certainly not wrong to choose Lake Como as its ethereal beauty is without doubt out of this world.

Not far from Villa Balbianello is another Villa made famous for its role in a film. Villa Erba was the setting of the villain the Nightfox’s home in Ocean’s Twelve. There was no surprise for fans of the Oceans franchise seeing the shores of Lake Como on the screen. The films’ main star, George Clooney, is one of Lake Como’s famous residents. Clooney’s own Villa is situated in the township of Laglio. He is known to regularly spend the summer months in the 25 room, palatial lakeside property.

It is one thing to see the lake from the shore, but it is a whole other experience to see the lake from the water. Ferries regularly operate to transport tourists from township to township, and the opportunity to do so is not one to miss. All in all, any visitor to Lake Como cannot leave without a newfound appreciation for the natural beauty the world has to offer.