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Women’s Patagonia O Circuit Hiking Adventure with Kendell

Mar 22, 2025 - Mar 31, 2025

Adventure Adventure

$3,945 USD


Women’s Patagonia O Circuit Hiking Adventure with Kendell

Mar 22, 2025 - Mar 31, 2025

$3,945  USD


Are you ready to take on the amazing Torres del Paine “Circuito Grande” and immerse yourself in the wild beauty of Chilean Patagonia with host Kendell? Discover the ultimate adventure with the O Circuit in Patagonia, the most comprehensive route in Torres del Paine National Park. Over the course of 8 days, you’ll traverse 78.9 miles (127 km) of well-marked trails with jaw-dropping views around every corner.

Our all-inclusive tour package ensures you have everything you need for this unforgettable experience: transfers from Puerto Natales, lodging, meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), entrance ticket to the National Park, and a welcome kit complete with tour materials.

The southern portion of the O Circuit coincides with the W Circuit, taking you to iconic landmarks like the Torres Base Viewpoint, French Valley, and Grey Glacier. You’ll also explore the northern side of the Paine Massif, a less known and less traveled part of Torres del Paine, offering a deeper connection with nature. This women’s-only Patagonian adventure with Kendell is not to be missed!

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Saturday March 22nd 2025

Monday March 31st 2025

10 Days / 9 Nights

Accommodation - Hotel (2 Nights), Refugio Lodge (5 Nights), Camping (2 Nights)

Meals - Welcome Dinner, All Meals During Trek (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner), Farewell Dinner, Breakfast Final Day

Up to 11 Guests


Accommodation - Hotel (2 Nights), Refugio Lodge (5 Nights), Camping (2 Nights)

Meals - Welcome Dinner, All Meals During Trek (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner), Farewell Dinner, Breakfast Final Day

Welcome Kit with Refillable Water Bottle & Map

Park Access Ticket

Transfer by Bus from Puerto Natales to Torres Del Paine (Round Trip)

Spectacular views of the Torres Base Viewpoint, French Valley, and Grey Glacier

Immersion in the pristine wilderness of Torres del Paine National Park

Traverse both the southern and northern parts of the Paine Massif

Encounter diverse ecosystems, from lush forests to rugged moraines

Opportunity to observe wildlife, including birds and free-roaming horses

Panoramic vistas of the South Patagonian ice field and hanging glaciers

Exploration of iconic viewpoints like the French and British viewpoints

Relaxation and reflection at serene locations like the Grey Sector beach

Culmination with the awe-inspiring views of the Base Torres viewpoint


Arrival/Departure Flights

Airport Transfers

Visa/Entry Requirements

Luggage Porter

Grey Glacier Activities - Kayaking & Glacier Walk

Meals Not Mentioned in Inclusions

Personal Expenses incl Tips

Your host

Kendell Sullivan

Welcome to my world of exploration and empowerment! I’m Kendell, (@kendell_explores), an adventurer with a passion for leading transformative retreats, consciously created to ignite the inner flame of every woman with a heart full of wanderlust.

In my journeys through more than 50 countries, I’ve come to understand that women crave more than just a temporary escape; they yearn for a sacred space to unravel the layers of societal conditioning, reconnect with their authentic essence, and emerge a little lighter-hearted.

Drawing from my background as a yoga teacher, nurse anesthetist, and experienced journey guide, I weave together the threads of adventure, healing, and spiritual awakening. Through immersion in nature-based wisdom, we walk a path where each moment invites you to embrace vulnerability, courage, and profound self-love.

Together, we create a sanctuary where women can shed the weight of expectations, embrace their unique gifts, and reclaim their inherent power. I’m truly excited to walk this path alongside you, as we discover, grow, and empower one another.


Day 1 Arrive in Puerto Natales

Welcome to Puerto Natales! We’ll meet at our hotel for a trek briefing, where we will go over the coming adventure and give you your welcome kit. We’ll enjoy dinner before getting a nice early night ready for a 7am departure in the morning to the start of the trek.

Lodging: Hotel

Day 2 Puerto Natales - Torres del Paine - Serón

On the first day of the O Circuit, you’ll start by taking a 7:00 am bus from Puerto Natales to the Laguna Amarga gate of Torres del Paine, where you’ll register as a visitor. A short minibus ride will then take you to the Welcome Center of the Cerro Paine Reserve, marking the beginning of your adventure.

You’ll pick up your lunchbox at the central refuge and embark on an 8.7-mile (14 km) hike to the Serón campsite. The route features an initial ascent of 820 feet (250 meters) through a Lenga Forest, offering views of the Paine River valley. This is followed by a 1.86-mile (3 km) descent and a 2.48-mile (4 km) stretch across a meadow with free-roaming horses.

Upon arriving at the Serón Sector, you’ll stay at a premium campsite with showers, a common dining room, and meals provided, allowing you to rest and celebrate your first day on the trail.

Difficulty: Medium – low

Distance: 8,69 mi. (14 km.)

Total approximate time: 4-5 hours

Positive elevation gain: 951,4 ft. (290 m.)

Lodging: Camping Serón

Day 3 Serón to Dickson

Today’s route is divided into two sections. The first section starts with a flat 1.86-mile (3 km) walk along the Paine River, followed by a 2.48-mile (4 km) stretch where you ascend and descend 656 feet (200 meters) along the slopes of Mount Paine. This part of the trail offers stunning panoramic views of the light blue Paine Lake and the Paine Massif in the background.

The second section of the route is mostly flat with small ups and downs. After descending from Cerro Paine, you’ll encounter a CONAF park ranger post and a restroom—facilities that are not common along the trail.

This part of the route runs close to the Paine River and tends to be hot and humid, with many mosquitoes. You’ll cross walkways installed to prevent erosion in wetland areas. Eventually, you’ll arrive at the Dickson Sector, which offers camping facilities and a lodge with a small dining room, cozy rooms, and excellent showers.

Once at the Dickson Sector, be sure to visit the nearby glacier beach. This tranquil spot by the lake, with the Dickson Glacier in the background, is perfect for relaxing.

Difficulty: Medium

Distance: 11,61 mi. (18.7 km.)

Approximate total time: 6-7 hours

Positive elevation gain: 1181 mi. (360 m.)

Lodging: Dickson Sector Lodge

Day 4 Dickson to Los Perros

Start your day with breakfast, pick up your lunchbox, and set out on one of the quietest routes of the entire O Circuit. This trek covers just over 7.76 miles (12.5 km) with no major slopes. Gradually, you’ll ascend to the Los Perros campsite. After a small initial ascent, you’ll find yourself immersed in the Lenga Forest, which you’ll traverse for most of the route. The dense forest canopy creates a shady environment, making it an ideal habitat for countless birds.

Take your time on this short, undemanding route, making frequent stops to enjoy birdwatching. In some sections, the trail approaches river slopes with scenic viewpoints perfect for relaxing, though be aware of mosquitoes in the forest.

As you near the end of the route, you’ll cross a couple of wooden bridges and make a small ascent of 330 feet (100 meters) up the moraine of the glacial lake to reach the Los Perros Glacier. This moment is a highlight of the trek, as the ascent suddenly reveals the stunning view of the lake with the glacier hanging in the background—a truly magical sight.

While traversing the forest, look out for the Magellanic Woodpecker, an endemic species of the region. One of the best observation spots is a small clearing in the Lenga Forest, offering a panoramic view of the surrounding glaciers.

We’ll finish the day at the Los Perros campsite, one of the more remote sites on the trek. As such, the facilities and food are more basic than other lodgings.

Difficulty: Medium-low

Distance: 7,76 mi (12.5 km)

Total approximate time: 4-5 hours

Positive elevation gain: 1410,76 ft. (430 m.)

Lodging: Los Perros Sector Camping

Day 5 Los Perros - Grey Glacier

Start your day early, as this is one of the longest and most challenging routes of the O Circuit in Torres del Paine. The latest recommended departure time from Los Perros camp is 8 am. This route, divided into three parts, is demanding but incredibly rewarding.

In the first part, you’ll leave the Lenga Forest and ascend to the John Gardner Pass, covering 3.1 miles (5 km) with an elevation gain of 562 meters. This section often has snow, so consider wearing gaiters, and be prepared for clouds and rain with a handy raincoat. As you reach the top, you’ll be greeted with breathtaking views of the South Patagonian ice field, various glacier tongues, the Grey Glacier, and possibly even a rainbow.

The second part involves descending from Gardner Pass to the trail near the glacier. This section is particularly challenging due to the steep terrain and the presence of stones and aerial roots, which require careful navigation. This part ends at the CONAF camp known as “El Paso,” where many travelers stop to eat their lunch.

The third part of the stage keeps the Grey Glacier in sight on your right, offering spectacular views. You’ll also enjoy crossing three suspension bridges before finally reaching the Grey Sector, where you can relax and have a drink at the large bar or terrace.

Difficulty: High

Distance: 10,68 mi. (17.2 km.)

Approximate total time: 9-10 hours

Positive elevation gain: 2919,95 ft. (890 m.)

Lodging: Grey Sector Lodge

Day 6 Grey Glacier - Paine Grande Sector

After a challenging stage, the route between the Grey and Paine Grande Sectors offers a much easier trek. Many travelers take advantage of the lighter day to participate in optional activities on the Grey Glacier, such as kayaking among the icebergs or hiking on the glacier with crampons. These activities are conducted in the morning, allowing plenty of time for the 3 to 4-hour hike later in the day. Note that these activities are not included in the tour price and must be booked as extras.

The hike itself is relatively short at 6.83 miles (11 km). It begins with a flat stretch, followed by a gradual climb with a 656-foot (200-meter) elevation gain, where the forest opens up. The descent then leads to the Paine Grande Sector. Throughout the day, you’ll enjoy stunning views on both sides: Lake Grey with the glacier in the background to your right, and the Paine Massif with Cerro Paine Grande, the highest peak at over 9,185 feet (2,800 meters), to your left.

In the final downhill stretch, the trail diverges from Grey Lake and heads towards the Paine Grande Sector, situated in front of Pehoé Lake. This sector is one of the largest in the park, featuring a spacious and well-equipped refuge and a lively bar.

Difficulty: medium – low

Distance: 6,83 mi. (11 km.)

Approximate total time: 3-4 hours

Positive elevation gain: 1082,68 ft. (330 m.)

Lodging: Paine Grande Sector: camping or lodge

Day 7 French Sector - Cuernos

To understand this route, it’s important to note that part of it is optional. You can choose to skip the ascent to the French or British viewpoints and go straight to your accommodation, reducing the route by 8 miles (13 km) and most of the elevation gain. Your assigned accommodation may be in the Francés Sector or in Cuernos, which are 2.48 miles (4 km) apart.

The route is divided into three parts. The first part is a relatively flat 5.59-mile (9 km) stretch leading to Campamento Italiano, a CONAF ranger station. Just before you reach the camp, there’s a junction where you can head directly to Francés or Cuernos. However, it’s highly recommended to at least climb to the French viewpoint. At Campamento Italiano, you can leave your backpack at the nursery and take only essentials for the climb.

The second part involves a 1.55-mile (2.5 km) ascent with a 984-foot (300-meter) elevation gain through the French Valley to its viewpoint, offering spectacular views of Mount Paine Grande and its hanging glaciers. You might even hear the ice cracking. Continuing to the British viewpoint involves a further 2.48 miles (4 km) and an elevation gain of 918 feet (280 meters). At the top, large rocks provide a 360-degree panoramic view.

After enjoying the viewpoints, you’ll descend back to Campamento Italiano to retrieve your backpack. Many travelers have lunch here if they didn’t at the viewpoints. From the camp, it’s about 1.55 miles (2.5 km) to the Francés Sector or an additional 2.48 miles (4 km) along Lake Nordenskjöld to Cuernos, if that’s your assigned accommodation.

Both Francés and Cuernos offer small, cozy accommodations that are not easily accessible, making them special.

Difficulty: medium – high

Distance: 14,29 mi. (23 km.) to Francés Sector / 16,7 mi. (27 km.) to Cuernos Sector.

Approximate total time: 8 hours to Francés Sector / 10 hours to Cuernos Sector

Positive vertical drop: 2624,67 ft. (800 m.) to the Francés Sector / 3215,22 (980 m.) to the Cuernos sector.

Lodging: Francés Sector or Cuernos Sector: Lodge

Day 8 Central Sector

After a challenging day, you’ll welcome the ease of this route, allowing for a more relaxed pace. Starting from the Cuernos Sector, you’ll encounter only a small initial slope of 655 feet (200 meters). The remainder of the journey is mostly flat, offering serene views of the Cuernos del Paine on one side and Nordenskjöld Lake on the other.

Upon reaching the Central Sector, you’ll notice the larger campsite and refuge, akin to the Paine Grande Sector. Both sectors serve as entrance gates to the park, bustling with fellow travelers. Here, you’ll have ample opportunity to mingle, enjoy the spacious common areas, and, of course, indulge in refreshments at one of the liveliest bars along the route.

Difficulty: medium – low

Distance: 10,56 mi. (17 km.) from the Francés Sector / 8 mi. (13 km.) from the Cuernos Sector

Total approximate time: 6:00 hours from Francés Sector / 4:30 hours to Cuernos Sector.

Positive elevation gain: 1706 ft. (520 m.) from Francés Sector / 1115,49 ft. (340 m.) from Cuernos Sector

Lodging: Central Sector: premium camping or lodge

Day 9 Base Torres & Return

This route is undeniably the most popular in Torres del Paine, divided into three distinct sections. Initially, you’ll cover 1.25 miles (2 km) with minimal elevation gain, crossing the river valley. The next 1.86 miles (3 km) entail an ascent along a treeless path to the Paso de los Vientos, offering panoramic vistas.

The subsequent 2.48 miles (4 km) involve a gentle stretch, passing by the Chileno Sector and gradually entering the Lenga Forest until you reach the Moraine—a rocky area marking the beginning of the third section, known as the most challenging and technical part of the day.

For nearly 1.24 miles (2 km), you’ll navigate among large rock blocks on a steep slope, culminating in the reward: the Base Torres viewpoint. Here, a glacier lake is framed by the three granite towers that define the park. Take your time to relax, capture photos, enjoy lunch with unparalleled views, and soak it all in.

The return journey retraces your steps along the same trail that led you to the park’s most iconic vistas. Upon reaching your lodging in the Central or Chileno Sector, retrieve your backpack and head to the Welcome Center. From there, board the minibus to the park entrance, Portería Laguna Amarga, where you’ll catch the bus to Puerto Natales around 21:30, concluding this incredible adventure on the O Circuit Patagonia.

Difficulty: medium – high

Distance: 13,67 mi. (22 km.)

Approximate total time: 9-10 hours

Positive elevation gain: 3517 ft. (1,072 m.)

Lodging: Hotel in Puerto Natales

Day 10 Farewell to Patagonia

Today is sadly the final day. You will no doubt have enjoyed a solid post-trek sleep in your hotel after your amazing adventure. We’ll gather for breakfast and share memories from the last 10 days before we each embark on the next leg of our travels.

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Important Notes

This trip involves trekking long distances. A moderate to high level of fitness is highly recommended to ensure that you are able to get the most out of the experience. Your host Kendell has completed this trek before, so please reach out to her directly if you have any questions about the level of fitness required.

The accommodation on the trek is a combination of refugios (mountain lodges) and camping. Refugios are shared dorms with 4 or 6 beds and include sheets and blankets or sleeping bags, depending on the refugio.

Note that this is a women’s-only trip.

Make sure your travel plans allow you to arrive at the allocated meeting point by the scheduled guest meeting time. More information on this will be provided once the trip is confirmed.

Be sure to check entry requirements based on the passport that you will be travelling with.

A trip is listed as PENDING until the minimum guest numbers are reached, at which point the trip becomes CONFIRMED. Guests will be notified when a trip becomes CONFIRMED.

Travel insurance is required, and this will need to organised independently. There are a number of travel insurance comparison websites available. We do not recommend organising this until your trip is CONFIRMED. TIP: If you have a credit card there may be travel insurance included as part of your benefits, so check with your bank.

We do not recommend booking flights until your trip is CONFIRMED.

We recommend you familiarise yourself with our Booking Terms & Conditions for more information about our booking, deposit and cancellation policies.

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