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Kendell Sullivan

Welcome to my world of exploration and empowerment! I’m Kendell, (@kendell_explores), an adventurer with a passion for leading transformative retreats, consciously created to ignite the inner flame of every woman with a heart full of wanderlust.

In my journeys through more than 50 countries, I’ve come to understand that women crave more than just a temporary escape; they yearn for a sacred space to unravel the layers of societal conditioning, reconnect with their authentic essence, and emerge a little lighter-hearted.

Drawing from my background as a yoga teacher, nurse anesthetist, and experienced journey guide, I weave together the threads of adventure, healing, and spiritual awakening. Through immersion in nature-based wisdom, we walk a path where each moment invites you to embrace vulnerability, courage, and profound self-love.

Together, we create a sanctuary where women can shed the weight of expectations, embrace their unique gifts, and reclaim their inherent power. I’m truly excited to walk this path alongside you, as we discover, grow, and empower one another.

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