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Embrace Sustainability and Support Local Communities by Hosting a Group Trip with Best In Travel

Written by Rob Embury - Best In Travel

There is a growing awareness and emphasis on sustainable travel practices that benefit local communities and preserve our planet’s precious resources, and we are all about it. At Best In Travel, we don’t just want to create amazing small group trips to beautiful places – we want to do it in a sustainable way and forge deep connections with our destinations. As small group trip specialists, a huge part of that ethos is our commitment to doing as much as possible to embrace sustainability and support the local communities in the locations we are travelling to.

What is Sustainable Travel?

Sustainable travel focuses on minimising the environmental and cultural impact of travel destinations, ensuring they remain viable for future generations. This approach aims to generate income and employment while conserving local ecosystems. The goal is to maximise positive impacts such as job creation, landscape restoration, and cultural preservation, while mitigating negative effects like habitat damage and overcrowding.

By supporting sustainable tourism practices, travellers contribute to the well-being of local communities and help ensure that destinations thrive economically and environmentally due to tourism.

Promoting Responsible Tourism

Best In Travel promotes responsible tourism by actively engaging Destination Management Companies (DMCs), local operators and accommodation providers that prioritise sustainability. This includes eco-friendly resorts, hotels with green certifications, and tours that minimise environmental impact.

By choosing these options, travellers can reduce their carbon footprint while enjoying unique and eco-conscious experiences. For many of our itineraries, we can even provide an estimate of the carbon generated per person per day.

Empowering Local Communities

Best In Travel actively supports local communities by promoting tours and experiences that benefit local economies. We collaborate with local guides, artisans, activity operators and businesses, ensuring that tourism dollars directly contribute to the livelihoods of residents.

Our goal is that this approach fosters a deeper connection between travellers and the places they visit, encouraging cultural exchange and appreciation.

Advocating for Ethical Practices

The team at Best In Travel are passionate travellers themselves. We’ve seen the best and worst of travel and tourism on our adventures around the globe. We proactively advocate for ethical practices in tourism such as wildlife and environmental conservation, responsible animal interactions and ensuring that the involvement of local communities is always positive for them.

We have a wealth of experience working with different DMCs and operators, and we will continue to support and promote those that prioritise animal welfare, positive community involvement and environmental sustainability.

Engaging Charitable Partners

Many of the DMCs we engage to plan trips have direct ties to local charity partners and non-profit organisations in the destinations we are travelling to. The group trips we plan with them contribute direct donations that can provide education, job opportunities and healthcare to local communities.

Educational Resources & Community Engagement

Best In Travel is a growing company fuelled by our passion for travel, and YOUR passion for travel. We actively engage with our community, highlight their inspirational travel stories and encouraging travellers to share their own experiences.

We’re continuing to build our educational resources to empower travellers with information on sustainable practices and responsible travel tips, to help them make informed decisions and adopt eco-friendly behaviour during their adventures.

Let’s Make a Difference!

By choosing Best In Travel for a small group trip, travellers can embark on meaningful journeys that not only enrich their lives but also contribute positively to the well-being of local communities and the planet. Let’s embrace responsible travel, and make a difference one trip at a time!