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Justine – My Balance Project

Hi there, I’m Justine from New Zealand, otherwise known as @mybalanceproject on social media. I wear many hats, including being Mum to Aiden and wife to Bill, but one of them is content creator where I share my life & passion for women’s health, fitness, food and travel. I have loved going on adventures for as long as I can remember, my Mum will tell you from when I could walk I was always off exploring, wanting to go places and see new things.

At 46yrs old, I’m still the same. Travel fills a space for me that nothing else can. I love the opportunities it brings to see beautiful new places, expand my view of the world, and escape from real life… even just for a little while. I love everything from hiking for days off the beaten track, to Mediterranean towns and big cities.  I’m so excited to share my passion for travel with carefully curated trips for women that offer a little adventure, a chance to reset and relax and to make new friendships that last a lifetime.

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