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Lisa van der Valk

Hello, ladies! I’m Lisa, 21 years old, and sports have always been my passion. I dedicated eight years of my life to judo, starting at the age of 7. Training 4 to 6 times a week and participating in weekend matches was a routine I embraced until an unfortunate knee injury forced me to stop. It was during my rehabilitation that I delved into fitness, incorporating strength training to fortify my knee ligaments. At the age of 15, my fitness journey commenced, and I’ve remained committed ever since. Despite the challenges that come with the highs and lows of fitness, I wouldn’t change a thing. The key is embracing and loving your personal journey.

At 18, I began sharing my fitness journey on TikTok and Instagram. Three years later, I find myself collaborating with brands like Gymshark, a dream I never thought possible. Concurrently, I’m a full-time law student, juggling two seemingly opposite worlds. Though challenging, I genuinely love both pursuits, understanding that good things often require effort. This upcoming fitness retreat is an exciting opportunity to connect with some of you, sharing not only my daily training routine but also getting to know each other on a more personal level. It feels like a dream come true. I look forward to meeting you on this trip!

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