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Patrick Lyons

Patrick has been traveling the world for over 10 years now, during which time he’s explored 10 islands, 13 countries, 20 states, 75 cities, and counting, each experience packed with memories to last a lifetime. In particular, Patrick loves immersing himself in the authentic culture of each place he travels to, delving into the cuisine, views, hikes, and unique local activities that can’t be replicated anywhere else. Despite eating like a king with friends, Patrick prides himself on maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle even while traveling the world.

While circumnavigating the globe, working as a Product Manager at Microsoft, and continuously achieving new fitness goals personally, Patrick has also helped over 800 others achieve their fitness goals virtually through customized online fitness coaching on his program, the Lyon Shred. To date, the program has reached clients in 16 countries on 6 continents (only missing Antarctica!). He’s led in-person fitness classes in group settings for thousands more and given hundreds of lectures on the science behind various fitness topics. Furthermore, Patrick is the founder of the Online Fitness Coach Academy (OFCA) online fitness coach certification program, which teaches the science behind all things fitness, nutrition, recovery, sleep, exercise, supplementation, mobility, and more. He’s built a following of over 200,000 across his social media platforms and shares science-based content daily with friends, followers, and clients.

Patrick’s mission is to make the most of every moment by prioritizing happiness, fulfillment, and health, while helping others. From his experiences, the most special way to do that is sharing unforgettable memories with others while traveling to and exploring the greatest places on Earth. He can’t wait to do exactly that with a small group of adventure-seeking folks that will come together for the trip of a lifetime in Oahu, Hawaii.

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